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How wonderful to experience Shakti Naam in this beautiful nature filled and natural springs setting in the north of New Zealand. For registering and payment details contact Dot at

Introducing Shakti Naam with 90 mins of rhythm, breath, movement, mantra meditations to enhance  mauri and sense of well being.  A good beginners class and for all levels of fitness or yoga experience.  
The cost for this class at Ngawha is $20.  Koha for under 15 yrs. Please bring a blanket and cushion for your comfort. 
You may also wish to join a booking for a soak after class at Ngawha Springs, cost is $172.50 for a group of 2 – 10 people, thereafter $17.50 pp.
To register and for payment details contact Dot at

the below retreat registration is full but keep a look out for the next one …


FREE Online Global Movement: MONDAY JUNE 1ST 6AM NZST / SUNDAY, MAY 31st 11AM PST

Love Heals Global Gathering for Peace and Healing with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. A global online superclass to spread the powerful force of love.

Connection is vital, healing and extremely important in these times. We, Naam Aotearoa New Zealand community, are part of a global community actively envisioning a better life for humanity.

We humbly invite you to join us in this historic Global Gathering for Peace and Healing #loveheals May 31st 11am – 1pm PST /June 1st 6am -8am NZST. 

This campaign is led by Dr Levry, founder of Naam, and other visionaries who believe in the healing powers of LOVE. LOVE is the binding force of life, the universal language of the human heart and LOVE is needed right now, more than ever to heal our planet and people. Now and always, we openly invite you to join us in LOVE.

Take action now by registering family, friends, community and networks for the FREE May 31st 11am PST/June 1st 6am NZST  #LoveHeals Global Gathering for Peace and Healing with Dr. Levry at  Eventbrite Love Heals

Download  and share the official #LoveHeals song here: Love Heals ( the song )
See the lyrics Video here:  Love Heals Lyrics Video. You are so welcome to make your own version of this song – everyone has the rights to.

Share this open invitation among other change-making communities.

For further information please contact Cecile Taylor at

This is a time to awaken to the presence of our soul. This is a moment of transcendence, when sending vibes of love into our world has become the call of our collective destiny. The Love Heals campaign, Healthy Love, represents a moment of sync with nature and recognition of the healing power of love. Join us at the next Global Meeting for Peace and Healing 2020, which will take place online on June 1st NZST / May 31 PST, and become a love healing flame for this planet!

Kia ora
The Facebook Live 30 mins 40 days daily practice or protocol aims to bring friends, family and Naam community together online, on a daily basis for 40 days. We are Facebook live streaming to enable access to Naam in our homes, to stay connected and make new connections with local and global Naam communities.

Give it go, contact any of the teachers for one-on-one sessions to ask questions about the mantras or mudras.
Thank you and abundant radiant blessings from the team @ Naam Aotearoa New Zealand
Please continue commenting and sharing our Facebook Posts and following our teachers throughout New Zealand for your daily dose of Naam goodness.
So much love
Naam Aotearoa New Zealand

For more information or to download music by Dr. Levry and see the full range of books and CDs by Dr. Levry, visit . Select music is also available on iTunes!
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