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Nilamani is dedicated to teaching yoga for those seeking abundant health, personal wellbeing and all who wish to uplift their contribution to the wellbeing of others. Her caring nature, grounded playfulness and positivity allow her to bestow much energy and inspiration to many.

She has been practicing and teaching Yoga disciplines for 30yrs. Her Yoga training comes from Hatha Yoga Teachers Training 1, 2 & 3 with Ashram Yoga NZ from 2002 to 2009, Naam Yoga and Shakti Naam Yoga Teacher Training in California USA from 2009 till present. Nilamani has taught an array of classes and workshops in corporate settings, health conferences, Yoga dance celebrations, festivals and retreats in Auckland, Whangarei, Kerikeri, Hawkes Bay and Rotorua since 2002. 

Nilamani met Dr Joseph Michael Levry, the founder of Naam in England in the 90’s. Through his unwavering love, support and profound teachings, so much joy, love, light and wellness has been brought into her life. After completing the Naam Yoga Teachers training in 2009 Nilamani continued teaching Naam throughout  the North Island and guiding many inspired students to become teachers. With the growing number of students and teachers in New Zealand Nilamani and fellow Naam teacher Cindy Aikman decided to come together to form Naam Aotearoa New Zealand so as to better support the growth of these wonderful teachers and teachings in New Zealand. In Oct 2014 Naam Aotearoa New Zealand had the profound privilege of welcoming Dr Levry and his team to teach a very special Masters Class and Weekend Workshop that let many more experience the power of Naam.

 Nilamani has worked in the Health Industry for the last 28 years in England and New Zealand, in both management and representing leading Health Companies. This work also informed her vast knowledge of health and wellness.

Nilamani now resides in her home town Rotorua where she runs a successful wholistic organic Air bnb, and her amazing array of classes and workshops – private, group, corporate. She is also teaching at Yoga Rotorua.

“I enjoy uplifting students through powerful breathing techniques (pranayama), movement (asana) and mantra (prayer/karakia). I have found when working with sound vibration it cuts through all illusions to bring self- healing, self-discovery and profound joy! ” @@SoulShineYoga with Nilamani 




I have been loving the business of empowering people to be really well, ( not just getting by with their health) for 35 years.  To date, I’ve treated 26,000 clients in my clinic successfully, plus abundant patients in various hospital environments while nursing & being a naturopathic healer.

I am a high energy person, and I’m also a natural sponge for knowledge, so I’ve built a wealth of experience and skills in both orthodox and complementary medicine. 

  • 20 years Nursing

  • Naturopath & Medical Herbalist 25 years

  • Kinesiologist- ICPKP  & NIS

  • Network Fitness leader Personal Trainer

  • Adult Educator, coach & mentor. 

  • A large variety of Body-work modalities including  Massage

  • Naam & Kundalini Yoga Therapist & teacher & Shaman 

My labrador-like passion for health and healing over most of my life, has manifested in me being a very busy & sought after  natural health practitioner.

Though I’m generally based  in Auckland, for those not living near me, I also offer Video clinics, with skype, messenger or whatsapp video platforms. I find out what’s going on this way working quickly with your energy field & my intuition. 




Nursing in Australia and New Zealand for more than ten years in neurosurgical intensive care units has exposed Emily to high stress environments, heavy manual lifting and the grief of mental impairment and death on an almost daily basis. The practice of yoga has enabled Emily to find calmness, mindfulness and strength in incredible stressful situations. With an acute awareness of how yoga has helped her and an  of how neuroscience is starting to validate the powerful effects of traditional yoga practices, she loves sharing the techniques she has developed with medical colleagues, patients, family and friends and yoga students.

Naam combines movement, postures, sound, breath work, mantras and meditation. Emily loves the fact that anyone can benefit from Naam yoga, you don’t have to be super skinny or flexible- just a willingness to try something new and have fun!

Yoga and Meditation Qualifications Yoga Training: 200h RYT Naam Yoga Therapies, 200h RYT Dip Yoga, Baby Bliss certified prenatal yoga teacher

One Yoga Therapy 



Dorothy teaches Shakti Naam classes in Whangarei. With a background is in education and creative practice in Maori Contemporary Dance, Visual Arts and Culture, she intuitively follows a path to open and activate heart awareness and connection to life force – Mauri – empowered through yogic breath, movement, rhythm and sound practices.
Dorothy is committed to supporting the growth and development of Naam in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Anna loves Naam. She went to her first Naam class in 2011 in Auckland where Cindy and Nilamani were teaching and was moved to tears the whole way through and knew it was the yoga she needed in her life! She became one of teacher Nilamani Wright’s most loyal students and felt the call to do the Shakti Naam teachers training in Cabo, Mexico in 2016.

She now teaches community classes and has a regular class at Auckland’s beautiful yoga studio True Food and Yoga and feels blessed to be able to teach her students such a healing, joyful, heart opening yoga



My name is Annemarie Yannaghas.

I am a proud mix of Greek and English descent and grew up in England before moving to NZ in 1995 having earlier fallen in love with the country and a Kiwi man!  

I have a love for the outdoors, beautiful countryside and nature and New Zealand offered me a magical playground where I could pursue my love of sports, such as snow and water skiing, hiking, tennis, swimming and dancing.  

Before leaving London, I worked in advertising and event management for 11 years which helped secure my first job in NZ being part of a small team creating and establishing the first Ellerslie Flower Show.  From this I went on to set up my own event management company, Yannaghas Hall Ltd.  

I have 3 daughters and when my second daughter was two the stress of my business, two small children and husband I became unwell and decided to stop working and focus on my family fulltime.  In 2006, having recently separated and become a single mother I started a journey of self growth and healing which developed into a passion and love for health and wellbeing not only for myself, family and friends but for all those that are open to it.

I met my beloved husband Andy seven years ago and we married in Greece in August 2017.  We have seven children between us ranging from 16-25 years old.

I am a firm believer that the body, mind and spirit can heal itself given the right environment.  

While sport has always played an active part of my life, it was however the inner stillness that was missing.  That is.…..”what we resist most is what we need most!”  An introduction to a Naam Yoga class in 2009 was a great blessing for me.  It was different from all other yoga disciplines that I had ever attended. “It was the feeling I felt during and after class of overwhelming calm, peace, support and love that kept drawing me back time and time again”.

It is true to say I am a different person 11 years on, I have found Freedom to be me. I feel great peace, calm, love and joy in my life and my greatest pleasure is to help others find their Freedom.

I am a Naam Yoga teacher and from personal experience I know that Naam has the capacity to heal not only our physical body but our emotional and spiritual body.  I also use various modalities alongside Naam to maintain my own health and wellbeing and love to share those on the weekend retreats I run.

If I can help you on your journey of life, I’d love to hear from you.  My phone number is +64 021 501 437 and email: [email protected]




Naam is my path up the mountain. It feels like home for me, nourishing my soul, uplifting my spirit and filling my heart with love and light.

From the first time I experienced a class with Nilamani, a decade ago, I have followed the teachings, instilling a daily personal practice, enjoying the wonderful Rootlight music, clarifying my life purpose. 

Fueled with a desire to share the life affirming techniques of Naam, I completed the Evolve 2017 Teacher Training in Israel. I now share the health and wellbeing gifts of Naam in Thames, Coromandel, New Zealand, where I am based and at Antara Retreat (north of Auckland), run by Antara Association, a charitable trust I have been involved with for many years .

My deep gratitude for Dr, Joseph Michael Levry, for his sharing of this wonderful divine wisdom.


Leigh completed her Evolve experience to become a Naam Yoga Teacher in 2017 in Israel as a contingent of 5 New Zealanders attending that year. Leigh came to teaching Naam yoga over a period of 4 years after an introduction to Nilamani in Auckland in 2013 and a while later to Cindy who she reconnected again with in LA in 2016. When circumstances allowed her to plug into the headquarters in Santa Monica experiencing masterclasses and various teachings which helped her adjust to the fast paced city life. It was the daily mental transformation over 3 months that confirmed to Leigh she wanted to know more and immediately lead her to sign up for the Teacher Training which she now incorporates into her work on Super Yachts and residences around the world with private clients as well as in her osteopathic treatments and group classes.

Boutique Bodywork



Naam Yoga came to me in 2006  through our beloved Nilamani, how blessed was I . In my darkest days came the light through Naam yoga. God given Gift, practiced at home daily and attending classes when possible .
A move to Australia in 2010, keeping up my daily Naam practice, I was blessed with the courage and ability to manifest finances to travel to Mexico to do Evolve Teachers Training. There, I  put up on a manifestation board that I would like to be able to share Shakti Naam Yoga with people that struggle with addiction. I had such a divine  experience in Evolve teaching training in Mexico.
Returning to Australia I have been given such a gift through other beings and Gods will to be able to start teaching in a detox centres.
It took a lot of prayer and connection with other sisters of light to gather the courage to start to teach and learn about all the things I needed to do to make this work. For me teaching is about helping  people gain some form of peace.
Addicts that I work with struggle with feeling very sick and  sore from come downs and medication and fear etc…Im so grateful to have lived the life I have so as to be able to relate with this beautiful population with love and compassion.
I have students that come and just lay on the floor and I congratulate
them for being with us. I am the blessed one to be able to be where I am today.
I have so much gratitude for all the support to push through my own fears and to be the very best human I can be with Gods courage and constant light showing me the way.
Naamazing I say.
I wish to share a testimonial from one of the clinic supervisors…”Shiralee is an enthusiastic instructor who creates a relaxing and safe environment for her clients. The benefits of her class allows participants to exercise their emotional energies, relieving them of any stresses or trauma. Shiralee has delivered exceptional service to the clients. Through her compassion of teaching Naam Yoga she was able to create a peace of mind for the clients as well as exercises beneficial for their physical strength . She has demonstrated fantastic services in which incorporates mindfulness  as well as relaxation.”

Cindy’s training in the performing arts, specifically contemporary dance, led her to New York City, the mecca of modern dance, in 1998 to study the Klein Technique. The Klein Technique focuses on the very structure of the body, the bones, and how they influence every move, on every level, our body makes – physically, emotionally and ultimately spiritually.

Cindy also found her spiritual home in NYC. Her journey began in 2001 when she developed a passion for the healing power of Reflexology, leading her to become a certified Reflexologist. In 2003 she completed and added Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training to her healing repertoire . . . and then came Naam.

Now entering her 17th year of study, her immersion into Naam has included training in Levels I, II, III and beyond, of the wisdom behind Naam, and the Harmonyum Healing System. In 2017 Harmonyum Touch was incorporated into the trainings at Naam. Cindy completed this certification program and is now a dedicated member of the Harmonyum touch teaching team.

Cindy adores teaching, guiding, working in the healing arts and feels so blessed to be able to share her passion for health and wellness on all levels in these magical Naam infused ways. She has always felt that Naam leads you to your heart and gives you the courage to do what your heart says – that is what she believes is the biggest difference loving and living with Naam offers.  Being able to live in her body safely, feel feelings and have access to a technology and community that consistently and continuously helps one be a better human is amazing. To be able to share the many facets of Naam is pure JOY and she loves all the different opportunities to do so. Cindy is a New Zealander whom has chosen to make the City of Angels her home, she travels to New Zealand every year to teach and be with family and friends.

She can be reached by phone +1 310 876 4977 email: [email protected]  cindyaikman.com