About Us

Naam Aotearoa New Zealand was born from a deep love and respect for the teachings that Dr Joseph Michael Levry has so tirelessly and generously shared in the forms of Naam; Shakti Naam; Sukshma Vyama; Harmonyum Healing ; Universal Kabbalah or Divine Spiritual Wisdom; Global Gatherings for Peace and Healing ; Master Classes and the list goes on.

Naam was founded in 2006 in NYC, it made its way to NZ then and consolidated into Naam Aotearoa New Zealand in 2010. Since 2010 it has been steadily and lovingly expanding all over this special land.

We welcome you to discover the richness of these teachings and have fun learning more about yourself and the difference you can make in your own heart and mind, and through that reach your family, friends, communities, and of course ultimately our collective world in the most positive ways.

Naam was founded in love, wisdom and truth. It is the practice for these times.